MCA Schedule for RBA:
We will begin testing at 8:00 on the following days. Testing will take approximately 2.5-4.0 hours each day we test. We will give breaks.

MCAs & MTAS - 2022-23 Administration
  • Reading is April 17th (6-8, 10)
  • Math is April 18th (6-8, 11)
  • Science is April 19th (8 & 12)
  • Make-ups are April 20th (all grades)
These assessments are administered for the following reason: to measure achievement on the Minnesota Academic Standards and measure academic progress of students over time.

ACT Test:
Test will take place on Saturday, April 15th, 2023, at 8:00 am at RBA for seniors wishing to test. Testing will last until 12:00 pm. Test purpose is: To provide Minnesota graduates information related to career and college readiness.  .

NWEA Test:
All students will take the Reading and Math NWEA in March 2023. This test will assess students growth from their prior year to current year. In addition, it will yield instructional data that will be used to help plan lessons in the classroom.