Our Board Meetings are typically on the third Thursday of the month during the school year
and the third Monday in the summer; with exceptions of calendar breaks.
Our next Board Meeting will be held on:
 Thursday, 09/17/2020 @ 6:30 pm in the RBA Commons   

RBA Board of Directors

Please feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, or questions.

Chair/Parent Member: Pam Johnson   
board.member9@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;            507-358-6125
Vice Chair/Parent Member: Deanne Breitenbach     
parent.member@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;             507-951-2413
Treasurer/Community Member: Evin Lantz             
community.member1@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;    507-281-4100
Community Member: Dr. Bobbi Kostinec       
community.member3@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;   507-358-8451 
Community Member: Crystal Heim         
community.member4@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;    507-281-4100 
Teacher Member: Brenna Salfi
brenna.salfi@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;              507-258-5351
Teacher Member: Kate Dullard
kate.dullard@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;                   507-258-5351
Community Member:  Nandita Chawla                          
board.member7@rochesterbeaconacademy.org ;             507-589-5280
Lottery Policy #500 is located below under 500 Level Policies for Students

Title IX Coordinator is Julie Halferty

507-258-5351 Ext: 110
2521 Pennington Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901


Board Agendas (1)
  Board Minutes (2019-20 school year) (12)
Board Minutes (2018-19 School year) (11)
  Board Minutes 2017-18 School Year (13)
Board Minutes 2016-17 School Year (13)
  Committee Meeting Notes (7)
100 Level Policies School District (1)
  200 Level Policies School Board Governance  (11)
300 Level Policies Fiscal Management and Business Services (15)
  400 Level Policies Human Resources (29)
500 Level Policies for Students (27)
  600 Level Policies Educational Programs & Instruction (2)
700 Level Policies Non-Instructional (7)
  800 Policies Operations and Facilities (4)

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Title IX Grievance
RBA Board By-Laws
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Board Meeting Dates 20-21

About Us
We reside in the lower level of the former Minnesota School of Business building, located on the East Frontage Road of Hwy 52 North between Lupient Buick GMC and Trucking America.
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2521 Pennington Dr NW
Rochester, MN  55901

507.258.5352 (fax)